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It is the process of turning a graphic or text into a needle-and-thread work of art for application to a garment or other fabric item. Using state-of-the-art software and multi-head industrial sewing machines, embroidered designs can be simple. One-colour designs or multicoloured works of intricate detail. Of all the methods of fabric embellishment, embroidery is considered to add the most sophistication and a higher perceived value to a garment. Today’s custom embroidery is a primarily automated process that translates a digital image into data.

Traditional Embroidery

For a professional look and quality that lasts, embroidery is a tried and true embellishment method. Polos and button-up attire paired with durable embroidered designs delivers a traditional look that communicates confidence and establishment.

Sports Jerseys

Logos look amazing on sports jerseys, adding a special, rich element of professionalism.

3D Puff Embroidery

Let us take your embroidered design to the third dimension with 3-D puff embellishment. 3-D puff embroidery takes the professional look of traditional embroidery and adds an extra level of character that really stands out among the crowd.

The Most Popular Threads

With a huge selection of threads from colorful arrays of reds, yellows, greens, to silvers & golds, there’s a thread option for nearly any embroidered design ensuring accurate color matching and vibrancy.

Unique pieces and large quantities, whether polo shirts, caps, T-shirts, jackets or trousers, we bring your club emblem, your company logo or your slogan to its best advantage.

We embroider the front and back sides of textiles of all kinds: a slogan on the collar of a polo shirt is just as routine for us as the coat of arms on the chest or on the back of shirt and jacket.

We also decorate trouser legs, caps and hats, shawls, blankets and much more! In addition to clubs and non-profit organizations, PR and marketing agencies are also among our customers. We expertly bring the slogan or logo of your customer onto any textile surface – guaranteed!

What Apparel Works Best With Embroidery?

Embroidery works best on thicker apparel items, like sweatshirts and jackets. Generally, anything you would wear an undershirt with is good to go. Some of our favorite items to embroider include:

  • Baseball caps
  • Winter Hats
  • Polos
  • Jackets
  • and Hoodies

But embroidery is possible on tons of other apparel like Tote Bags and Work Shirts!

These work best because of the stiff fabric backing we use for embroidery. This backing is used so the threads don’t get displaced and scrunched when washed. It also helps by keeping the the design stay rigid so it’s easy to see. Any excess lining is removed after embroidering but can still be irritating when it rubs against bare skin.


There are certain garment selections where screen printing isn’t as ideal, and when this is the case, embroidery is a great alternative for putting your logo on items like jackets, polos, hats bags, and more.

Our embroidery is unrivaled in both quality and price, so be sure to check us out for your next project.

Inkpressions Embroidery Service

We quote on a case by case basis, so click below and start the process!