Social Design Challenge

“Stretch your creative muscles with the Social Distancing Design Challenge!”

Create a design, a drawing, or a painting- submit it to us, have your friends vote on it, and your art could be made into this week’s prize piece!

We know that isolation and social distancing can take a toll on your mind, your mood, and your overall sanity. We have created this challenge as a way to engage you adults who need an outlet, and parents who don’t have an art class to send their children to. Our hope is to add a little bit of light in a difficult time- and to see what creative minds can do!

Creating and stretching our artistic muscles has many proven benefits- reducing stress, increasing positive emotions, self-worth improvement, and the list goes on.

To read more about these benefits, we love this clear article!

To read the full terms and conditions, click here!

How the challenge works

Step 1: Check In.

See what this week’s theme and article will be!

Themes such as Sunshine, My Favourite place, and so on

Articles will be apparel or accessories such as Hoodies, Bags, Umbrellas, and Drinkware

Step 2: Create.

Show us your art!
– Post your design

– Tag inkpressions

– add #socialdesignchallenge

Step 3: Share.

Share your design and get as many likes as you can before this week’s deadline!

Step 4: Win!

The design with the most likes get’s their design printed and sent to them at home!


This week’s challenge is…

The Cozy Hoodie

To be Printed on: A Black Hoodie

Whether it’s a hot drink, a blanket fort, or a favourite movie, everyone has their own way to get cozy. Show us yours by sharing your art and you could get a free personalized hoodie!

Artwork Guideline Week 1: 

You can submit your art to us by posting on Facebook and tagging Inkpressions! Just remember that this is going to be turned into an imprint piece- which means that the easier it is for our designers to see- the better!

There are many methods of printing on clothing but your creation will either be printed by Transfer or Silkscreen. The method will be chosen by our printers/Designers when the final art piece is selected! 

Your artwork will be printed on an area that is a maximum of 10 inches wide by 12 inches high.

Next Theme: Sunshine/ Mornings
To be printed on: The Imageview Bottle